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MS in Computer Science

Georgia Institute of Technology 2017

BS in Computational Media

Georgia Institute of Technology 2014

Certificate in Business Entrepreneurship

Georgia Institute of Technology 2014


Graduate Research Assistant, Georgia Tech

Atlanta, GA August 2019 – Present

I work as a GRA in the CORE Robotics lab under Dr. Matthew Gombolay at Georgia Tech. My work is primarily focused on improving interpretability and initialzation of deep networks through new architectures.

Research Scientist I, Georgia Tech

Atlanta, GA May 2017 – August 2019

I work as a research scientist in the CORE lab, previously in the RAIL lab, primarily on differentiable decision tree architectures, formerly on bringing visual perception to robots. While here, I have:

  • Submitted a few conference papers (See below), been accepted as a first author to AAMAS ‘19.
  • Developed a differentiable decision tree architecture to enable intelligent initialization, and gone to present this work at the Naval Applications of Machine Learning workshop.
  • Helped write and submit a journal paper which was accepted to the Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence for Human-Robot Interaction (THRI).
  • Wrote and presented a workshop paper at HRI ‘18.
  • Wrapped several state of the art deep networks in ROS for deployment to an autonomous robot.
  • Published a new ROS package for real time face detection using a deep network, and improved an existing ROS package for real time object detection.
  • Conducted two user studies to evaluate the performance of an experimental algorithm against a random baseline
  • Helped on a zero-shot learning project which fused language and video to predict verbs from video without labels.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Georgia Tech

Atlanta, GA August 2016 – September 2017

I worked as a GTA for CS 6476, Intro to Computer Vision, helping about 200 students through the OMSCS program each semester. As a TA for the course, I would host office hours, answer student questions online, and grade assignments.

Applications Developer, AT&T

Atlanta, GA June 2014 – December 2015

Within AT&T I worked primarily on two separate teams, CDI (Concept Development Innovation) and TDP (Technology Development Program). The CDI team focuses on working with new technologies and experimenting, and the TDP team focuses on developing new employees and helping people to train in new technologies for a changing future. While there, I:

  • Wrote a library for Android devices to work with Apple iBeacons
  • Oversaw the Atlanta internship program, helping to manage 40 summer interns
  • Presented and developed a job search platform for employees seeking new opportunities within the company.
  • Assisted in development of data-visualization project for third-party advertisers
  • Worked as a developer on various web projects and Android projects within the Agile methodology.

Web Development Intern, Eclipse Web Media

Atlanta, GA May 2013 - August 2013

I was an intern at a web development startup, working on custom WordPress themes for various small business clients.


Journal Articles

Banerjee, S., Silva, A., Chernova, S. (2018) “Robot Classification of Human Interruptibility; and Its Effects” Published in Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence for Human-Robot Interaction (THRI). Link Download

Conference Proceedings

Silva, Andrew, and Sonia Chernova. “Unsupervised Role Discovery Using Temporal Observations of Agents.” Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and MultiAgent Systems. International Foundation for Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, 2019. Download

Silva, Andrew, and Matthew Gombolay. “ProLoNets: Neural-encoding Human Experts’ Domain Knowledge to Warm Start Reinforcement Learning.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1902.06007 (2019). Link

Paleja, Rohan, Andrew Silva, and Matthew Gombolay. “Personalized Apprenticeship Learning from Heterogeneous Decision-Makers.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1906.06397 (2019).Link

Seraj, Esmaeil, Andrew Silva, and Matthew Gombolay. “Safe Coordination of Human-Robot Firefighting Teams.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1903.06847 (2019). Link

Banerjee, S.*, Silva, A.*, Chernova, S. (2018) “Effects of Interruptibility-Aware Robot Behavior”. arXiv 1804.06383 [cs.RO] Link

Hahn, Meera, Andrew Silva, and James M. Rehg. “Action2Vec: A Crossmodal Embedding Approach to Zero Shot Action Learning.”


Silva, A.*, Banerjee, S.*, Chernova, S (2018) “Excuse Me, Could You Please Assemble These Blocks For Me?” Presented at the What Could Go Wrong? Workshop at Human-Robot Interaction (HRI). Download